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Wealth Management is our Craft

Craftsmanship…an almost forgotten word in our fast paced society.  Craftsmanship implies a great depth of knowledge and skill expertly applied with a deliberate and conscientious mind to the task at hand. The craftsman uses their years of study and experience combined with a methodical, deep work ethic to attend to details overlooked by less skilled hands. The product of their work is of the highest quality.

At Legacy, wealth management is our craft.  Years of experience and a continual commitment to providing a high level of depth to our planning allows us to craft a wealth management plan of the highest quality for our clients.  All areas of our client’s finances are examined, analyzed and addressed in our planning process.  We attend to the often overlooked details by integrating the various financial disciplines into one comprehensive plan built to address our client’s goals and grow and preserve their wealth.

Our professionals have a deep understanding of money and the planning process. By developing comprehensive wealth management plans we help our clients access the resources required to accumulate and preserve stable income streams for business and family needs. Our clients know their financial affairs are a priority to us.  As financial advocates we identify alternatives, study the feasibility of each, disseminate results in bottom line details and provide methodical plans of action.  Our interdisciplinary team approach allows reason and discipline, rather than emotion, to be the decision making guide.

Once engaged by our clients we work to maintain and manage their plans through their changing lives, shifting economic conditions and evolving tax laws. While each client is unique, the overarching goals are always the same…the growth and preservation of wealth.

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About Legacy Advisory Group

Legacy is a vertically integrated wealth management practice devoted to helping our clients achieve success in their financial lives.   We focus on the creation, accumulation and preservation of wealth for a select group of clients.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and trust and strive to be regarded in both word and deed as competent, caring advocates for our clients.

Legacy Advisory Limited Company is a registered investment adviser with the states of Kansas & Missouri and may only transact business with residents of those states, or residents of other states where otherwise legally permitted subject to exemption or exclusion from registration requirements.


Latest Blog Posts

2020 Q2

After a tumultuous first quarter in the markets, government and monetary intervention along with the hope of a V-shaped recovery have fueled a market rebound that is nothing short of remarkable.  The S&P 500 lost 34% from its peak on February 19th to its low point on March 23rd.  As of this writing at the

2020 Q1

First of all, our prayers are that you and your families are staying safe. We are living through a strange and unprecedented time. Just a few of months ago, we were looking at calm markets with a slowing but growing economy. That quickly changed as COVID-19 hit the US, and the economy basically shut-down. The impact

2019 Q3

The third quarter brought a lot of movement in the domestic stock market but by September 30th the S&P 500 had not gone far from where it started the quarter. Geopolitical concerns continue to create a lot of uncertainty.  In the Q2 commentary, we mentioned the smoothing of trade negotiations between the US and China. 

2019 Q2

The resilience of the US Stock Market continued in the 2nd quarter.  The economy is still growing, although more signs of a slowdown are appearing.  Due to some good posturing, Q1 corporate earnings did “surprise to the upside,”, but corporate earnings growth did slow, as we speculated in our Q1 commentary.  The slowdown in earnings

2019 Q1

If you were looking for a little encouragement after a volatile December, the 1st quarter did not disappoint.  Global markets strongly bounced back, clocking in gains that would be considered good for an entire year.  Chinese Equity Markets and the Emerging Markets Index posted double digit gains. Likewise, the S&P 500 Index had its best