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About Legacy Advisory Group

Legacy Advisory Group, LLC is a vertically integrated financial services practice devoted to helping our clients achieve success in their financial lives.   We focus on the creation, accumulation and preservation of wealth for a select group of clients. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and trust and strive to be regarded in both word and deed as competent, caring advocates for our clients.

We devote our time to the creation of consistent and versatile strategies and plans for creating, preserving and protecting wealth. By developing comprehensive wealth management plans we help our client access the resources required to accumulate and preserve stable income streams for business and family needs. Our clients know their financial affairs are a priority to us. As financial advocates we identify alternatives, study the feasibility of each, disseminate results in bottom line details and provide methodical plans of action. Our interdisciplinary team approach allows reason and discipline, rather than emotion, to be the decision making guide.


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