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2019 Q1

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If you were looking for a little encouragement after a volatile December, the 1st quarter did not disappoint.  Global markets strongly bounced back, clocking in gains that would be considered

2018 Q4

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Happy New Year.    Last year while writing the year-end commentary, we were contemplating the Zen-like calm that had taken over the markets.  Nothing could scare investors: rising interest rates...no biggie;

2018 Q3

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Global Trade - Keeping It Brief

The last two commentaries were largely focused on the developing global trade war...which country has said what, who's threatened who with

2018 Q2

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Freeish Trade

In the last commentary we made the following comment: 

Will there be a trade war?  In our opinion, it seems unlikely.  Thus

2018 Q1

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Well, look at that...the market does go both ways.    

2018 started by continuing the calm, steady, upward market climb we have experienced for the last two

2017 Q4

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2017 was a banner year for markets.  Rarely in history have the markets displayed such consistent increases.  We first noted the calm in the market in our 2017

2017 Q3

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Market Update

As the last quarter of 2017 begins, market sentiment continues to be overwhelmingly positive.  The calm in the markets we wrote about last quarter

2017 Q2

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Market Update - The Great Complacency

If no news is good news, then all I have is great news for you today. The first half

2017 Q1

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I don’t know if we could pass a Mother’s Day Resolution right now.

-     Representative Matt Gaetz as quoted in the Wall Street Journal March

2016 Q4

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President Donald Trump

Does that look right to you yet?  The day after the election I sent a good friend of mine a message...."President Elect Donald J.

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