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2016 Q3 Quarterly Commentary

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Interest Rates are Low?  Who Knew?  

The chart below shows the change in the interest rate of the 10 year Treasury bond over the

All Quiet on the Western Front

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After nearly two years of relative uncertainty, marked with brief moments of extreme pain, U.S. equity markets are enjoying a long run of relative calm. The S&P 500 has now

2016 Q2 Commentary

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Please Brexit at the Next Vote On June 23rd the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. Prior to the vote polls indicated the populace would vote to remain in the

A $65,000,000 Deceased Eagle? The Subjective Nature of Value

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In 2007, an art dealer/collector by the name of Ileana Sonnabend passed away. Within her rather large and valuable art collection - her net worth was estimated at $1 billion

The Value of Process

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Whenever I'm in a conversation with someone and my job comes up I'm almost invariably asked if part of what I do is help people budget.  Usually I respond with

A Ski Resort in Florida

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In his book, The Most Important Thing, Howard Marks recounts the fictional tale of a man with an insane business idea: open a ski resort in Miami.  Competition would be

The Future Benefit of Roth IRA’s

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If you want to an evening of contemplative reading google the phrase traditional vs roth ira.  It seems that every financial institution has information to help investors make the decision

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