Financial Planning

At Legacy, we practice comprehensive wealth management.  We believe segmenting the various financial disciplines…insurance, estate, business, retirement, investment, etc…results in a segmented plan that fails to address the interdependent relationships of these various areas.  This neglect often creates problems and fails to take advantage of opportunities.

Our comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach looks at the entirety our client’s financial life to develop a wealth management plan that ensures all areas of their finances are working effectively towards their goals. We look for risks, identify inefficiencies, develop tax reduction strategies, perform cost benefit analysis on insurance policies, provide long term cash flow projections and allocate available capital.

Our Proprietary Planning Process

We developed a proprietary process designed to provide prospective clients with a clear understanding of the work we will perform prior to entering into any official engagement.  Please understand this is only an outline.  Each individual situation is different and your path to developing a relationship with our firm may not follow these exact steps.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

The purpose of our initial consultation is for us to learn about you and work towards determining whether our firm is a fit for you, and vice versa. During this meeting we will discuss your financial concern, your goals and your current financial situation. Directly after the meeting we provide you with a short list of additional information we need to formulate a Value Proposition Letter.

Step 2: Creation of Value Proposition Letter

After the Discovery Meeting we will develop a Value Proposition Letter.  The purpose of the letter is to provide an outline of the planning and services we propose to provide.

This is more than a simple engagement letter.  During the creation of the Value Proposition Letter much of the work required to develop your financial plan is completed.  We will perform analysis on the information provided and identify risks to your goals and opportunities to further the growth and preservation of your wealth. We will outline results we believe are achievable based on our understanding about your family situation, assets and goals.

Step 3: Engagement and Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan Creation

The last stage of our process involves our completion of your wealth management plan along with an implementation task list. The best planning can be done but be completely ineffective if not adequately implemented. Our advisors will assist with plan implementation and then continue to work with you as changes need to be made.