Investment Management

Financial planning and asset management are two sides of the same coin. The investment portfolio planning process begins with developing your financial plan.  Through that process we discover information crucial to the managing of your investments: your personal risk tolerance, your time horizon, and your specific financial goals. With that understanding we can build a customized portfolio designed around your needs.

Our Philosophy and Process

The effective management of an investment portfolio requires the effective management of risk. Every investment comes with the possibility of a loss of capital. However, the type and level of risk varies widely across investments.  Diversifying risk is not accomplished simply through the purchase of many investments.   It is accomplished through the purchase of investment with varying risk characteristics that cause the investments to perform differently from one another in different environments. Legacy’s 3 phase portfolio design process seeks to do just that by purchasing a mixture of asset classes which are further divided into sub-asset classes by geography, duration, structure, use, perception and valuation.  Allocation across these asset classes is done through a determination of risk and value.


Past performance is not a guarantee of future earnings. Asset allocation does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. Percentages represented here are an example of what a portfolio may look like. Accrual weightings will vary and are influenced by client’s age, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, income and net worth.