Private Equity

Private Equity

Global economic uncertainties continue to create opportunities.  The proper pursuit of these opportunities requires focus, discipline and an abundance of common sense.   The risk mitigation tools we employ during the process of selecting and structuring private equity projects separates Legacy from the competition.  Too often private equity offerings share a “gunslinger” mentality in an investment culture dominated by greed.   Evaluating downside risk garners much of our attention while upside results from selected projects allows for the realization of exceptional overall portfolio returns.

Risk mitigation takes many forms but chief among them is creating a true alignment of interests between the business owner, entrepreneur and our investment group.   Seekers of private equity must show a demonstrable passion for and history of building a successful enterprise.   We add value to the business not only with funding mechanisms but with intellectual capital for strategic planning and guidance for operational growth where appropriate.  For over 30 years we have brought our Midwestern value system to the structuring and funding of projects in a variety of industries.

Our project acquisition and vetting process is purposefully time consuming and arduous by design.   We exercise patience and perform rigorous due diligence on each and every venture.  By combining several small and mid-size opportunities, a favorable pricing structure can be achieved to improve risk adjusted returns while being true to the basic tenant of diversification.   Generally we look for projects with established proof of concept and proof of market.  Our end-game focus is creating dependable cash flow streams while considering alternative strategic exit strategies

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