Wealth Management

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An almost forgotten word in our fast-paced society. Craftsmanship implies a great depth of knowledge and skill expertly applied with a deliberate and conscientious mind to the task at hand. The craftsman uses their years of study and experience combined with a methodical, deep work ethic to attend to details overlooked by less skilled hands. The product of their work is of the highest quality.

At Legacy, wealth management is our craft. Years of experience and a continual commitment to providing depth to our planning allows us to craft a wealth management plan of the highest quality for our clients. All areas of our client’s finances are examined, analyzed, and addressed in our planning process. We attend to the often overlooked details by integrating the various financial disciplines into one comprehensive plan built to address our client’s goals and grow and preserve their wealth.

Our professionals have a deep understanding of money and the financial planning process. By developing comprehensive wealth management plans we help our clients access the resources required to accumulate and preserve stable income streams for family needs. Our clients know their financial affairs are a priority to us. As financial advocates & fiduciaries, we work alongside our clients to paint a picture of where they are today, define their goals for the future, and create an actionable plan to obtain those goals.

Once engaged, we work alongside our clients to maintain and manage their plans through their changing lives, shifting economic conditions, and evolving tax laws.

About Us

Legacy is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) located in Overland Park, KS. Founded in 2006 by Jack Kynion II as Legacy Advisory Group, LLC (now, Legacy Advisory Ltd Co), Legacy has decades of experience assisting clients with identifying, planning for, and achieving their financial goals.

Under its 2nd generation of leadership, the advisors at Legacy continue practicing with the same principles set by our founder and mentor. In an industry that values volume over quality, convention over thought, scalability over nuance, Legacy remains committed to a different set of standards. We work with a small number of clients so that more time can be spent with each. We believe this results in higher quality plans, more thought on behalf of each client and a boutique experience.

Wealth Management

Legacy works alongside individuals and families to grow and protect their wealth, in all stages of their lives. From the young professional or entrepreneur looking to plan for the future to the retired individual looking to preserve what they’ve built and secure stable sources of retirement income…

Investment Management

The investment portfolio planning process begins with developing your financial plan. Through that process we discover information crucial to the managing of your investments: your personal risk tolerance, your time horizon, and your specific financial goals. With that understanding we can build a customized portfolio designed around your needs…

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